Artist/Producer/Instrumentalist/Camera Operator/Editor/Director

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JA The DragAn represents peace, love, and entertainment!

JA The DragAn - Look Up To The Sky Sky Sky Song/Lyrics/Instrumental/ edited & produced by JA The DragAn

JA The DragAn - Keep Stunting On Them (Prod. JA The DragAn)
Song/Lyrics/Instrumental/ edited & produced by JA The DragAn​​

Gucci Mane Performing in O.C. CA (Prod. JA The DragAn)

Videography/edited/directed/produced by JA The DragAn

JA The DragAn - OHIO (Lyrics)

Song written/recorded/edited by JA The DragAn


JA The DragAn was Videographer/Editor & Producer for all video's except while performing.